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Instructions: Use this Skill Guide as a reference to help you prepare a personal accountability self-assessment.

Description of Accountability or Contribution:

Assessment Step


Your Self-assessment

Claiming Credit for Successes

A statement of success describes goals that were achieved or where you made significant progress. Restate what you set out to accomplish in just a few words. Then, describe what you've accomplished.

Accepting Responsibility for Shortcomings

A statement to accept shortcomings admits to goals that were not achieved or where no significant progress was made. Describe goals that you failed to achieve or where no significant progress was made. Report the causes, but don't blame others or point fingers. Talk about the lessons you learned from your problems or failures.

Outlining the Future

A statement to outline the future describes what you will do next to expand on your accountability. Describe any proposed changes in goals, timelines, or activities. Tell your listener how these changes will affect the organization. Finally, ask for the help or collaboration you need to correct shortcomings and achieve your goals.

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