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Serving Customers on the Information Expressway

The acceleration of change in today's society is having a huge impact on customer service.

What's different about the customers of today? Aside from the fact they are better educated than customers of the past, they are:

* Bombarded with far more choices due to increased levels of competition.
* Cashing in on an increasingly global marketplace that gives them even more options.
* Capitalizing on telecommunications and computer advances that are revolutionizing the way we do business.

With ways to transmit information instantaneously, customers expect quicker response times because their customers are pushing them to pick up the pace. Software now enables the company to track the whereabouts and progress of any item shipped.

Clearly, the consumers of tomorrow are being raised with constant, quick stimulation, and rapid response. These trends have "upped the ante" considerably. Competition is fierce. Customers expect us to work quickly and decisively on their behalf. They expect us to help them increase their market share and level of success.

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