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we are Always Learning...

Some of us "expand" our Vocabulary not just by reading, but also by listening to the spoken language - how certain words or phrases(expressions) are used in various contexts. That's a good thing. However, there is a concern!

What if the person you are listening to, mispronounces or misuses the word or phrase? For those who tend to "learn" this way, be careful not to blindly Emulate (follow) the "Example"!! (The example may not be right!)

Commonly "Heard" around our Premises:

"Wherelse"?? OR "Whereas"?

The correct word should be "Whereas".

Definition of: Whereas --> while on the contrary...

"Could you please repeat that again ..."?? OR should you just say, "Could
you please repeat that ..."?

Just say: "Could you please repeat that?"

(As you know the word "repeat" means "to say or state again". Using "again"
after "repeat" is therefore redundant.)

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